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rack-spaceThe garage is the part of the home that is often built with function, and not form, in mind, as it commonly serves as a parking space and an area to store power tools and household equipment. At best, it can be equipped specialty flooring and with a number of custom cabinets, drawers and garage storage solutions to better organize all the items that are usually stored inside the garage.

What Makes Us Different

At Total Garage Interiors in Kelowna, we see things a little differently. While the garage is not one of the most comfortable areas of the house, we know that most people still spend a fair amount of time in it. In addition, most people consider their cars, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles as an item of pride. As such, there is a need for a custom garage which is a great place to house vehicles, and Total Garage Interiors can build it.

Experienced Teams and High-Quality Materials

We continue to successfully build custom garage interiors for a variety of clients in Kelowna and in some select areas. We can design and build any type of garage interiors for both residential and commercial properties. With the amount of experience and expertise that our team of builders have, combined with the highest quality materials and equipment available on the market, there is simply no custom garage interior that we cannot build.

worktopRegardless if our clients need custom garage flooring, cabinetry, or overhead garage storage, we find ways to incorporate their preferences into our designs, to create a garage interior that is functional and spacious. With the help of our expert designers, we can make the garage interior match the style of the house or the cars, or follow any design our clients prefer.

Don’t just take our word for it. If you would like to learn more about the garage interior services we provide, or see samples of our previous work, we invite you to contact Total Garage Interiors today by calling 250-870-1048. We provide a free in-home consultation, should you decide to have a custom garage interior of your own built.

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